Salvador Escoda, S.A. is a spanish company which was founded in 1974 and its main area of activity is to furnish materials suitable to the mounting and maintenance of Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Insulation installations.

Nowadays Salvador Escoda S.A. has strengthened its position as one of the first-rate distributors on their field in the Spanish market. The main reason for this success is the quality of the people who are working with us, a high quality team with a great experience. Salvador Escoda S.A, is also taking care and promoting is own brand for many products. As a result we are is starting an export activity to Europe, South-America and North of Africa.


Salvador Escoda's main office is located in Barcelona

Main Office:
Provença, 392 pl. 1 y 2
Phone +34 93 446 27 80
Fax +34 93 456 90 32

and in this province we have the regulating warehouses and four additional shops. We have today branches in several spanish provinces. For further information on our branch's network click here (available only in Spanish)

Contact with us:

For any kind information you need, do not hesitate to contact with us by e-mail at: - Import Department. - Export Department.

We have a staff of over 600 people, more than 25.000 customers, and represent as a sole distributor for Spain more than 50 import brands like the following:

Aspen Pumps: Condensate-water pumps
BPT: Chronothermostats
Climatech: HVAC accesories
: Temperature recorders
Polypropylene tubes and accesories
Valves and actuators for controlling hydronic systems for central heating and domestic boiler appplications
Giuliani Anello
: Gas oil filters
Highside: HVAC chemicals
Idrogas: Storage and inertia tanks
Imit: Controls and thermostats
IndustrieTechnik: Flow controls, thermostats and pressure switch controls
Isocell: Flexible tubular insulation
Kestrel: Pocket wind meters
Klimagiel: Air conduction
Manta Ecologica
: Suction pumps, vacuum cleaners and accessory items
Mastone: Condensate water pumps
Monarch: Spray nozzles
: Electrovalves for refrigeration and heating
Parker-Haniffin: Refrigerant accessory items, filters, sights, etc.
Pitre System: Poliisocianuratus ducts and tools
Rocair: Refrigerant tools
Sagi-Cofim: Filtration
Searle: Steamers and condenser units
S.E.R.: Unit coolers
S.I.A.M. Compressors : Rotary compressors Mitsubishi Electric
Sika: Temperature controls
Stiebel Eltron: Boilers, storage heaters, heating pumps, electric heating, etc.
Sumner: Material lifts
Tecnocontrol: Electronic regulation, regulation devices for heaters and motors
Tonon Forty : Boilers, radiators, towel hangers and fan-coils

Some of our most representative brands are:

Mundoclima: Complete range of splits for air conditioning
Escosol: Thermal Solar Energy
Mundocontrol: Temperature controls and electrovalves
Mundofan: Domestic Fans
Escoclima: Components and accesories for air conditioning
Mercatub: Flexible and rigid pipes for ducting systems
Escogas: Refrigerants
Escofij: Fixing elements
SEI: Instrumentation tools

Our Catalogue (with more than 70,000 items, most of them in stock) includes, among others, the following products:

  • Industrial and domestic ventilation
  • Ventilation and extraction equipments, cooker hoods and filters
  • Air conditioning, air handlers, batteries, aerotermus, fancoils and accesories
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Round galvanized and stainless ducts and accesories
  • Chimneys and flexible tube
  • Dampers and grills
  • Heating accesories; purgecocks, valves, collectors, meters, etc. Multispeed pumps
  • Gauge, digital and mechanical instrumentation; thermometers, pressure gauges, acumulators, switches
  • Boilers, radiators, accumulators
  • Gasoil tanks, filters and pressure groups. Nozzles and burners spares
  • Electric valves, thermostats, presostats, valves, programmers, etc. Everything for controlling and regulating
  • All kindofvalves valves; gate valves, globe valves, butterfly, check and foot valves, filters, flanges, levels, etc.
  • Electrical resistances
  • Steamers, condensing units, compressors
  • Chamber doors, chambers and furniture door
  • Refrigeration tools, maintenance and cleaning
  • Refrigeration control and regulation
  • Cold valves
  • Isolating sheets for covering
  • Flexible isolating tube
  • Accesories; poliuretan foam in spray, fixing nails, adhesive bands, fibre tools, etc.
  • Noise absorvers
  • Acoustic and fire cutting doors
  • Fibreglass and rock whool
  • Poliisocianurate pipes, accesories and tools
  • Equipments for inspecting and cleaning of ductwor